Message from the chairman:

Sputnik International Sri Lanka Organization (SISLO)


It is wonderful to have been invited to write a message for the website of Sputnik International. Let me first extend my heartiest gratitude to the technical staff of Sputnik International Japan for giving me this opportunity. It has been over fifteen years since we started our journey through SPUTNIK. All these years we have not only made thousands of friends, but we have also been able to contribute towards world peace through educational and cultural exchanges.


Sputnik Cultural Centre has been a welcoming shelter for hundreds of overseas guests who have travelled to Sri Lanka for volunteering and sightseeing. Sputnik Education Centre has contributed as an institute for languages, sports and child education for many thousands of locals. The number of students who have studied Japanese language and graduated from Sputnik exceeds 3000 of which over 300 have selected Japan as their prospective destination for studies and livelihood. The Sputnik library tries its best to create and enhance the reading interest of children, young people and adults around Sputnik as a community library. The Sputnik Scholarship Fund has donated over one million rupees to support disadvantaged students from surrounding schools. Sputnik Green-birds perform a tremendous job by not only collecting rubbish but also being an example to people who have the bad habit of throwing litter everywhere.


Most of all, we are kept extremely busy in offering an excellent service through Sputnik Girls’ Home to 20 vulnerable and disadvantaged girls. During eight years we have not only accommodated orphaned, abandoned and destitute girls, but we have also fostered them, providing the best possible education, and have always been mindful of their health needs. The future of these girls is, to some extent dependent on the actions that we have initiated to find them permanent alternative care opportunities. We put much emphasis on reintegration which includes reunification with their natural birth environments, finding them adoption care, socialization through job opportunities and marriages. We have successfully reintegrated over 50 girls already. All this has been possible due to the generous support of many individuals and organizations. The constant and ad hoc support from Sputnik International has been remarkable. Sputnik Japan has donated nearly twenty million Japanese yen which was raised through its major fund raising activity “Peace-quest” held in winter every year.


I cordially request your continuous future support to run our Girls’ home and other welfare projects. We will provide the best possible service to support those in need. Our two new big projects are coming up soon. They are to transfer the old building into a pre school and to construct a new office space for education centre. I thank you all for your continuous support and I sincerely invite you all to visit Sri Lanka and enjoy the green environment and the warmth of our nation.




Eshantha Ariyadasa

Chairman: Sputnik International Sri Lanka Organization (SISLO)